I partner with sustainable and ethical brands to craft communication concepts that make positive impact be seen and heard. Working together with me means we’ll dive deep into what makes your business unique and communicate it in a way that is a authentic reflection of what you do and what you stand for. 

I offer design services ranging from Illustration to Content Creation to Branding. Find out more about what I can do for you so that you can continue to create a meaningful impact.

I exclusively partner with those whose message and values resonate with my own. My client process and relationships go beyond ‘graphics’. It’s about shared values, ethics meets aesthetics. 


My name is Sofia Elisabeth Ratzinger. I’m currently based in Berlin, Germany but I like to call myself multi-local as home has become many places for me. I grew up in Canada, with German roots and I have spent the past 6 years working and studying abroad. 

Creativity is my platform for self-expression, instigating change and sharing a more mindful way of life. Visual arts has been a creative outlet for me since a child. It was during my degree in Sweden that my passion for creativity coupled with sustainability and brought forth a big shift in my values and lifestyle choices. My background in sustainability, focusing on consumption and behaviour change, shaped the idea of how I wanted to use my creative skills for good. 

Privately and professionally, these values accompany me. I’m passionate about living a sustainable and mindful lifestyle. You can often find me protesting for social and environmental rights on the streets of Berlin, rescuing food waste on my bike, or hosting mindful art workshops. I’m constantly learning about how I can be a better human on this planet.