Designing an impactful report for leveraging circular economy innovation

The ‘City Loops’ project, supported by EIT Climate-KIC, worked with partners from all over Europe to empower local actors to shift to circular economy strategies. The training programme and innovation tools developed through City Loops aims to strengthen cross-sectoral collaboration and uncover hidden value and business opportunities through the circular economy. The challenge was to bring the diverse circular case studies together, that would highlight the case’s industry, be it circular construction or biowaste. The outcome is the report “Leveraging Circular Economy Innovation” which shares the stories and learnings from each partner part of ‘City Loops’ through a cohesive visual language and structure. The aim was to create both a modern and professional, but also bold and inspiring identity, to make the impact from the case studies stand out and inspire industry professionals to a circular future for cities.


Art Direction

Editorial Design



A Europe-wide project

Circular (as in ‘Economy’ 😉)

Focus on urban environments

Emphasis on cross-sectoral collaboration


A colour palette featuring mostly earthy colours with a few pastel neon accents was introduced to connect nature and it’s naturally circular resource flow to an urban environment.

City Loops’ aim is to empower local actors to shift to circular economy strategies within their sectors – by improving the production process; creating new value from previous streams; designing new forms of collaboration with other stakeholders;    or identifying new business opportunities within the sector’s      value chain.

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