A campaign to change the way our money impacts our planet

The campaign #MyMoneyMyPlanet, initiated by mattrvest, was created to increase awareness on sustainable finance and to enable people to plan, save and invest sustainably. mattrvest is an ESG focused platform that looks to democratize investments by making it more inclusive while combining the best aspects of financial market investments and social tech. The challenge with this campaign was to educate people on what kind of role the money in our banks play in the climate crisis (and other crises, for that matter) and what they can do to take action to hold their banks accountable. The campaign focused on reaching millennials who are already are pursuing sustainable lifestyle behaviours such as eating less meat, reducing waste, and opting for climate-friendly transport. We created a campaign that was visually fresh, digitally-focused, with friendly and easy to digest infographics. The campaign was launched across Facebook and Instagram, with daily posts and stories to encourage signing the manifesto pledge. Apart from gathering hundreds of signatures, the outcome of this campaign was growing a tight-knit Facebook Group of 150 changemakers who were personally and professionally committed to making an impact with their finances.


Art Direction

Content Creation

Campaign Design


Sustainable finance

Awareness-building movement

A mainfesto to revolutionise finance


Showing what was below the surface of the traditional finance world through fresh digestible infographics, in combination with a lively cool-toned colour palette, was key to transmitting the campaign’s message to their digital audience.

The goal of the campaign was to create awareness that a sustainable lifestyle doesn’t just stop at what you consume – you should put your money where your mouth is: demand transparency from your bank and take action to make your financial savings or investments planet and people-friendly.

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