A Still Advertisement

February 2017
Sofia Elisabeth Ratzinger and Nadja Okruhlicová

A Still Advertisement is an interactive advertisement that aims to promote a change of noise and raise the question “What if less is more?”.

A Still Advertisement proposes a change to otherwise typical advertismenting techniques. Located at a public bus stop, a commonly busy area, A Still Advertisement replaces a normal poster advertisement. The poster features interactive qualities such as the headphone outlet located in the center of an asterisk (*). Users are able to plug their own headphones into the poster and hear soft white noise. The white noise helps bring the user into stillness as they reflect on the message in fine print at the bottom poster.

A Still Advertisement promotes self-reflection and raises awareness to users on how polluted by noise urban cultures have become. This poster is simply advertising ‘stillness.’ So, now here’s a question for you, the reader, when was the last time you simply were still?