Building Bridges


January 2018

Sofia Elisabeth Ratzinger, Nadja Okruhlicová, Lisa Shields, Femke Sweep, Alban Alexandro Guajardo


The board game “Butterflies and Bridges” was part of group
project where we created a set of tools for creative introspection
and resilience within rural communities in Sweden. This game was
featured in one of our workshops with citizens of these villages.
“Bridges and Butterflies” board game is a reflective tool that
brings development through communication helping one develop
communicative skills through activities that explore the
subconscious relations between things.


The method of gamification as well as the metadesign practice of relanguaging and redefining were used in the designing of this game. These methods intend to emphasise how shared knowledge brings development. The game was designed to create a natural desire for socializing, learning, competing, achieving, self-exploring and motivating.

Building Bridges

Collaboration and communication are key to playing this game. A mix of drawing interpretation, word association, and word guessing explores the subconscious connotations we have to terms such as ‘rural’ or ‘urban’. We also used metaphors throughout the game such as ‘building bridges’ and ‘butterfly effect’ to reveal the different ways of spreading and sharing knowledge.