Ethics meets aesthetics.

Amplify your positive impact through compelling visuals.

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It’s probably your values, ethical work and dedication for doing good that wins the hearts of people. But what gets you noticed in the first place? How you communicate it, of course. I believe in the magic that is created when creativity and sustainability are united. That’s why I partner with those who activate positive social and environmental change.

With my background in sustainability, combined with my diverse creative services, my mission is to give a spotlight to those who are doing good for people and the planet – design that captivates both the eyes and the heart.

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Impactful design for the conscious ones

Ideas that are rooted in a higher purpose deserve to be seen and heard. I work globally with conscious businesses to visualise concepts and communicate values. My work focuses on creating, curating and elevating brand experiences for those who impact and inspire.

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My name is Sofia. I’m a designer and change-maker. Creativity is my platform for self-expression, instigating change and sharing a more mindful way of life. I’m passionate about sustainable and conscious lifestyle and impacting the world positively on all levels: socially and environmentally, personally and collectively.  I’m constantly learning about how I can be a better human on this planet we call home.