Hi there!

 My name is Sofia.

I’m a Designer and Change-maker.



Skills & Services

Visual Communication

I translate complex concepts into impactful and understandable visuals. Through graphic design, illustration, and layout, each design communicates clearly a message and vision to help build a visual identity.

Service Design

I design with a user-centered approach, building on empathy and co-design methods. By analysing situations and systems, I create meaningful experiences and services that add value to users.


I lead and facilitate educational and creative workshops and lectures. I  aim to empower others by giving call-to-action messages and raising awareness to environmental and social issues such as food waste and consumption habits.

Systems Thinking

I explore complex systems with a holistic approach by mapping and analysing relationships and dynamics. I identify problems, unmet needs, and deliver a message for action in order to activate change. 


I believe that sustainability should be at the core of every practice. Inspired by circular economy, I gather insights and opportunities to envision sustainable solutions for the environment, society and economy.


The rebel inside me loves to provoke. Designerly interventions are my playground for experimentation and interaction. I aim to shift the norms and habits of people, situations or systems –planting a seed for change.